The South Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre, Inc. (SSILC) is a community-based, consumer-controlled, cross-disability organization that has operated in Regina since 1991 and in Moose Jaw since 2011.  In that time, SSILC has grown to become a comprehensive resource centre for people with disabilities, as well as for anyone interested in disability issues, including employers and other service providers.  SSILC employs  18 staff members, most of whom are also persons living with a disability, and offers a variety of programs, supports and services.

SSILC operates as a non-profit organization under the governance of a volunteer board of directors, comprising at least 51% persons with disabilities, and the immediate leadership of an Executive Director.  Although based in Regina and Moose Jaw, and primarily offering services to individuals in those cities, we offer disability training, information and referral, and resources throughout Southern Saskatchewan.  SSILC is active at the provincial level as a member of both the Provincial Interagency Network on Disability (PIND) and the Disability Income Support Coalition (DISC), and is a member in good standing of Independent Living Canada, which represents 26 Independent Living Resource Centres across Canada.


SSILC’s programming is made possible through funding and fee for service contracts with municipal, provincial, and federal government agencies, as well as grant funding for specific projects.